There are several different driveline options for Jeeps on the market today, but be warry. Many are not built of quality parts and will not hold up. We use only the best parts in our drivelines and stand behind our workmanship.

We have different options available to fit your specific needs:

1) Trail Rider: 1310 w/regular duty slip yoke and spline shaft. This will do well for the rig running less than 35"tires. Who doesn't plan on anything hardcore or too crazy. You know, the Cat who usually rides in the back and just enjoys the scenery. The same one who usually makes it back out with everything still intact.

2) Mud Slinger: 1350 w/regular duty slip yoke and spline shaft. For the rig running 35"+ tires who like to sling a little mud and a little harder trail. Nothing too crazy but definitely needs more than stock.

3) Hammer Head Fred: 1350 w/HD slip yoke and spline shaft. We increase the spline size to 1.5" and give it a true "Long" slip for the extra suspension flex and travel. This is for the 37"+ machines where the driver has a John Force complex. Don't let up until you reach the top. 

4) The Terry: Specs are classified. No holes bared, one off, do your magic driveline because this Goon could break an anvil with a wet noodle. WARNING, we will not honor the "WATCH THIS" warranty.

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