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2015+ Dodge Challenger 1 Piece Aluminum Driveshaft

2015+ Dodge Challenger 1 Piece Aluminum Driveshaft

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Upgrade your 2015 and newer Dodge Challenger's 2-piece OE driveline effortlessly with our Top-of-the Line solution. Say goodbye to carrier bearing issues and elevate your Hellcat/SRT-8/Demon performance by installing our superior 1350 4"x.125" aluminum one-piece driveline.

Designed with precision and durability in mind, our driveline features a reliable "U-Joint" style, incorporating the finest Sonnax parts and Spicer "Lifetime" (Solid u Joints) for unparalleled durability. The direct bolt-on flanges seamlessly replace the Re-Zeppa joint (CV), eliminating the need for adapters and ensuring a hassle-free installation upgrade.

Please note that verifying clearance and potential exhaust modifications may be necessary due to the larger driveshaft diameter. Consider a "Rear Subframe" bushing upgrade to optimize your driveline experience.

Transform your driving experience with this high-performance driveline upgrade for your Dodge Challenger, designed for optimal functionality and longevity.