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"Upgrade Your Ford EcoBoost Mustang's Performance with a 1-Piece Aluminum Driveshaft"

If you're a proud owner of a Ford EcoBoost Mustang, you're no stranger to its impressive power and handling capabilities. However, for those eager to elevate their car's overall performance to new heights and replace a drivetrain weak link, consider the remarkable upgrade of switching from a 2-piece steel driveshaft to a lighter, simpler 1-piece aluminum alternative. 

1. Weight Reduction for Enhanced Performance: One of the standout advantages of adopting a 1-piece aluminum driveshaft is the substantial reduction in weight. Aluminum inherently weighs less than steel, and by shedding this excess weight from your drivetrain, you'll immediately notice improved acceleration and responsiveness. This weight reduction not only boosts your Mustang's straight-line speed but also enhances its cornering capabilities and overall agility.

2. Superior Strength and Durability: Despite its lighter weight, aluminum doesn't compromise on strength. Premium aluminum driveshafts are engineered to withstand the rigors of high-performance driving. They offer enhanced torsional rigidity compared to their steel counterparts, mitigating the likelihood of driveline vibrations and optimizing power transfer.

6. Easy Installation for Cost-Effective Performance Enhancement: The transition to a 1-piece aluminum driveshaft is a relatively straightforward upgrade, often requiring minimal modifications to your Mustang's existing setup.  Emergency brake cable bracket clearance/ relocation may be necessary

Conclusion: Upgrading from a 2-piece steel driveshaft to a lighter 1-piece aluminum alternative can unlock a diverse range of performance benefits for your Ford EcoBoost Mustang. From weight reduction and improved acceleration to heightened durability and better fuel efficiency, this upgrade offers a comprehensive performance package. If you're seeking to elevate your Mustang's performance to a higher level, consider making the switch to an aluminum driveshaft and savor the thrill of a more responsive and agile ride. Elevate your Mustang's performance today!

3.5"x.125" aluminum

1350 "Solid" Spicer U-joints

No adapter needed. Bolts directly in place of Guibo (rubber disk)


Important Notice: Install Rear Subframe Lock Out Before 1-Piece Driveshaft Installation

Ensure the safety and performance of your ride by installing the Rear Cradle Lock Out before proceeding with the installation of our 1-Piece Driveshaft. Failure to properly reinforce the rear cradle may result in driveline damage or other subsequent issues. Please be aware that such damage will nullify any and all warranties provided.